We are a Canadian foundation supporting factories that are socially compliant, respectful of their employees and that even give back dignity and value to them. Our network of associates focus on choosing these companies with the intention of making sure we are generating value to society in every step of the process, from the manufacturing of garments to the point of sale.

Our main project focuses on bringing education and opportunity to the impoverished women of Bangladesh. Working with , Al-Ihsan Womens Social Development Center in association with Human Concern International since 2004. Our mission has been to provide room and board to orphans and the homeless, Facilitate the education for KG to 10th Grade and provide job training for the mothers in various handcrafted products, sewing and vocational training.

With Freedom Factory we hope to take our work one step forward there are still 250 students in our facility that are not sponsored with our main business being ethical production in Bangladesh for large retailers we have decided to try and fuse the two together.

In the Fall of 2013, Al-Ihsan moved to the new building. Currently the old facility is vacant and we are turning it into our first ever Freedom Factory - We will be buying the women their very own sewing machine and equipment so they can start their own business. We are currently building and interactive website where we give the women a gateway to sell there products to the world and 100% of the profits go directly to the individual.

With your help we hope to change the way we do business with Bangladesh.