We are a non-profit organization to support orphan, needy children and underprivileged Muslim women in the village of Hashara, the district of Munshigonj of Bangladesh. Like many other villages in Bangladesh, Hashara is a densely populated area that suffers from natural sisasters,inflation and many other problems. Most of the people in the village of Hashara live a very poor lifestyle, all suffering from intense poverty. Due to this unfortunate situation, the people are very frustrated, and are losing both their social and religius values day-by-day. For the large group of immensely poor villagers, it is impossible for them to provide any sort of education to their children. These villagers can barely feed themselves and their children twice a day. Instead of receiving that education,the children have to be engaged in laborious jobs to ensure their families survival. The women of the poor villagers are neglected, abused and deprived; thus leading to stress and frustation.